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New investments
Four years have passed since the owners of Stilon have changed. It is not a special anniversary, however I believe it is a good moment to inform you about recent actions have already taken in Stilon and these ones, which are about to happen this year and will change Stilon in both technological and technical way.

Tasks already accomplished:

- company has been restructured,

- considering current situation on textile market, Stilon’s production capacity was adjusted accordingly,

- quality increased and stabilized on the level, which is possible to achieve with our machines,

- Polyamide 6 production line, which was based on periodical technology, was stopped and polymer replaced with higher quality polymer from Domo,

- quality and variety of assortments produced from Polyamide 6.6 developed basing on polymer from Rhodia

- financial situation of Stilon has been stabilized.

All the tasks mentioned before had to be completed before Stilon could initiate investment plan prepared earlier.

New investments mean increasing our production possibilities but also – and this is more important – a huge quality jump to higher level as:

- new machines were purchased,

- technology of several assortments will be changed from LOY to POY.

Currently realized investments projects:

- two new warping machines from Karl Mayer with full control of process including yarn tension control during whole process. One warping machine has been running from January 2012, second one is installed and will start producing this month,

- at the end of 2011 a contract with Barmag was signed for installation of 4 spinning production lines – currently newest technology with productivity ca. 300 tones/month, installation, start and achievement of full production possibilities- planned for second semester 2013,

- buying 4 new texturizing machines from Barmag, contract to be signed between February and March 2013, machines should be ready within 6 months,

- to increase production possibilities of twisted yarns, 2 machines from Ratti were bought in addition to currently operating machines.

01 Mar 2013 by admin1

A new site profile
A new site profile established, in case of any questions write at: info@stilon.com.pl
17 Sep 2009 by admin1

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